Research Opportunities

Developing new products for the mature market

The Product Innovation Research Group at the University of Portsmouth Business School is undertaking a study investigating the development and marketing of new products to older consumers.

Building on their existing expertise, this research will aim to uncover how companies can increase their success within the growing mature market. We are actively seeking partners to work with on this research project. Managers with an interest in developing the opportunities presented by the marketplace, and understanding how to better exploit these, should get in touch. Opportunities are available to get involved to different extents, depending on the organisation’s specific interests. Indeed, there is the opportunity this research can be tailored around an organisation’s particular needs. Involvement in this research will provide organisations with a better understanding of how to recognise, target and develop new products for older consumers. In doing so, organisations will also benefit from the opportunity to help older people maintain their independence and quality of life, through development of products and services that effectively meet their needs.

Please feel free to get in contact for an initial, and informal, discussion about this research project. Contact Jamie Howard via or 07501377853.