Research Available from the MMA

Two members of the MMA (Mature Marketing Association) have made research into different aspects of the mature (50-plus) market available:

Understanding the Mobility Market

MMA member, Accord Marketing, commissioned research to examine whether there is a distinct void between how mobility brands market their products and the way in which their customers perceive themselves.

The report explores buyer behaviour in the over-50s market throughout the path to purchase to identify the most effective channels, and how marketing can challenge the stereotypes that currently pervade the advertising landscape.

The Mature Market Report

MMA member, rhc advantage, has produced the Mature Market Report, a comprehensive introduction to the subject of marketing and the UK’s ageing population (aka the ‘over-50s’, the ‘50+’ or the ‘mature market’.). 

The report provides an  overview of all aspects of the mature market and mature marketing - from demographic. economic and social trends,  to consumer psychological, physical, attitudinal and behavioural trends to marketing strategy, mix and communications. 

The report draws upon more than 300 sources: an extensive range of data, literature, academic research, commercial research and Government data and reports. It was written by Mark Beasley of marketing consultancy rhc advantage, with the  input of two University Professors. 

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